Tuesday, April 15, 2008


YAY. So very happy. I have a day off tomorrow. I have started tracing off some of my Victorian patterns that I need for our event in may. And of course I ran out of tracing paper and could not get any more in the city today, so I have run into a bit of a wall. But at least I have started. I am hoping to get them all traced up by this weekend so that I can make a start on getting some of the pieces put together. Namely my Natural Form skirt, petticoat and jacket. I still do not have any trims for my jacket or skirt yet, but I am hoping to remedy that problem tomorrow. With…

A trip to Spotlight. I know it sounds very cliché but it is the best thing to do on my day off. All the running around that I find difficult to do on a weekend. Hopefully I can pick up the other remaining pieces of fabric that I need as well. With a bit of luck it will not take too long to get over there. I am also planning to make a stop off at one of my makeup suppliers. Mainly to get some blood and special effects products for the up and coming Brisbane zombie walk. Or shuffle. Really depends on how you see it. I have put it up on the forums and am hoping to convince a couple of other people to come along with me. So far, I have Cherie.

In terms of costume for that it should not be too hard to put something together. Basically you get some old clothes either your own or from the op shop and rip them up a bit, smear in some dirt and blood, add the right makeup and you are set to go. At this stage I have a few plans in my mind. Maybe a drag queen zombie, or a 70s Disco Zombie, or 50s housewife zombie. There are just so many options. But I really want to go with something a bit different. Something with some crazy colourful makeup underneath. Just to make it a bit more fun. Hmmm, not sure. But at least I have a month to decide. I may have to do a bit of research on what I could go with. The Zombie bride is done to death. But it could be fun.

So I may be trawling op shops tomorrow as well trying to find a nifty zombie outfit. I am hoping to make a stop over at Chermside as well. I am still on my Lolita hunt. Trying to find cardigans and blouses that will work. So far I have not had any success. But I figure with a huge shopping centre like Chermside, surely I will be able to find something. I am going with my fingers crossed. Ah, well. I am off to the movies tonight to see Superhero Movie. It is another spoof sort of movie, but I just have the urge to go to the movies again. It has been a while and I just feel like it. If only something I really want to see would come out. There are a few this year that I intend to go to. But they all seem to be later in the year. Damn. Oh well, at least I will have some mindless entertainment tonight. Until next time…..

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