Friday, March 28, 2008


Well so much for getting my BSG costume finished during the week. My mum picked up a stomach bug and like you do, passed it around the family. So I spend Wednesday afternoon and Thursday at home sick. I was back at work today, but not for overly long.

So come this weekend I need to get my BSG zip inserted and my supanova costumes will be complete. I am so happy that I managed to get most of it done early enough before the event. I have having to finish things at the last minute. Though, I may be painting my gun at the last minute if it arrives on time. I still have a week for both it and my dog tags to arrive. I also need to make a trip to bunnings this weekend if I intend to make the arrow of Apollo that Starbuck picks up on Caprica.

Apart form that I have no real commitments this weekend. I am still really tired and washed out from being sick, but the pills the doctor gave me to stop me throwing up make me tired. So I am thinking sleep will be good. And then I may just have to do some more of my own fun sewing. I have started my underbust corset from the strawberry blue gingham fabric from my lolita dress and it will look cute. So I would like to get that done. And then maybe I could try putting together a Lolita headdress. As I have none I get a bit worried that my hair is letting me down in my lolita outfits. I may try to make some cute hair bows as well. Will have to see. But I fully intend to make a start on Victorian base corset (for all my future Victorian garments). And I have completed my first mock up of the s-bend corset. I just need to add a smidge more room in the centre back and try a mock up with boning and lacing. I am pretty happy with how my first try turned out and I cannot wait to do the finished product.

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