Monday, April 7, 2008

Supanova 2008 Sunday

And of course finally Sunday. My lovely Sunday started out with a wake up at 5 am and a trip to the airport to send my parents to Melbourne for the week. Unfortunately my brother cannot drive (still on his learners) so I was really the only option for them. This is my older brother we are talking about too. So by the time I got home from that I was wide awake. And I had the best start. The new season of Battlestar Galactica. YAY. I was so happy. So not only was dressing in a BSG costume, I was watching it for the morning.

Speaking of costume:

I am rather happy with how it turned out. My undershirts turned out nicely (with a bit of fiddling and cutting), but my favourite part is the jacket. I am now thinking of making some just for regular wear in different colours, but still the same style. And to top it off, when I got home late on Friday night, my tags had arrived. I was overjoyed. After late postage and the seller no longer being registered I was starting to get a little worried. But they arrived. The only thing I am missing is the replica gun that I ordered. I was hoping that it would arrive, but as it didn’t I will just have to do a second set of shots with me in my costume with the gun. Just because I can.

Sunday was a lot slower sort of day. But there were still some amazing costumes around. My favourite by far, though was the girl dressed as Sozuku from Farscape. There was a really neat Eternal Sailor Moon and a very cute Bumblebee as well. So it was pretty neat to sit and ogle the costumes as they went by. I think what surprised me most about the second day is that people were wearing the same costumes that they had on for Friday night and Saturday. And unless they washed them overnight, all I can think is gross. Because it was not really cool weather, and surely they would have sweat into their outfits. Apart from the gross factor, it is just neat to have 3 different costumes. But now, photos.

So now I need to start planning my costumes for next year. I will definitely be doing the three days again, mainly because I love the fact that it is a whole weekend of costuming. Even if it is exhausting, it is still well and truly worth it. And there will be at least one Anime outfit as well. My brother has even said that he will come dressed up next year. So I warned him that I want his costume choices by Christmas complete with research pictures and full information. That way I am guaranteed to get them done. Especially if he wants 3 and I want 3 new ones. It will be a big call. But I am up to it all for the spirit of costuming. YAY….

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