Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holiday Plans

As of 5.00 this afternoon, I am on holidays. Only for a week, but still better than nothing. I have big sewing plans for my time off. I spent last weekend cutting out a heap of fabric so that I would be prepared to get stuck into getting my sewing done. And I was successful. My back was a little sore from bending over my cutting table (or coffee table – depends how you really look at it), but at least I got a heap done. The main list for the week is:

Victorian Natural Form Petticoat

Victorian Natural Form Skirt

Victorian Natural Form Bodice (just got new fabric for this as I was not overly happy with the stuff I had as a bodice fabric – I would be perfect for a skirt though).

Victorian Drawers

S-Bend Corset (yes it is ready to be made).

After that I am going to try and make a start on my cage crinoline and petticoats. I don’t have the fabric for my bodice yet for the ball, but I can at least get all the skirts ready. I am even hoping to squeeze in a little personal sewing. You know, clothing to wear to work. Lolita dresses, Vintage.

Speaking of Vintage dresses. After wearing my 40s dress to work last Friday, I have decided that I am going to do a vintage day like I do my Frilly Lolita Friday. Maybe Mondays. But since, I have lost weight (stomach flu) a couple of my dresses no longer fit (and cannot be altered) so I really need to get stuck in and make a few more. I cut one out on the weekend of some polycotton I had around. So I am hoping to get that made up on my holidays. I will then be able to embrace the Retro Monday. I probably won’t do the complete makeup with the red lipstick (mainly because touching up throughout the day is annoying) but I will get my hair in some rollers for a bit of curl and primping. Hopefully this will help to brighten up my Mondays a bit and now that I have the perfect shoes to go with my outfits, I am all prepared. I am just very excited to be on leave now. A whole week of sewing. I aim to get so much done. And hopefully I will even manage to find a bit of time to get some photos of my outfits up (once they are complete of course).

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