Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Quarter Century

Well well, the 1950s Birthday Party I had planned turned out well. Just this Saturday gone, I had a few friends over for a 50s themed Birthday Party. It seemed appropriate with me turning quarter century myself. I made everyone dress up, whipped up a baking storm (we are talking traditional 1950s type diner food), played party games and watched movies. I had a great time and was glad that those that came along could make it (to the rest of you - grrrr) :D

In terms of sewing, I wore the new 1950s party dress that I had intended to make. I ended up putting the zip in on Friday and stitching down the back facing on Saturday morning, before a quick iron so that I was ready to party. I was very pleased at how it turned out. I adore the colour, and I love how soft and feminine the dress feels. I also stacked on the petticoats underneath. I had three in total, but probably could have gone with one more. I must get onto making another one.

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