Friday, September 3, 2010

The next step

My next project is once again a Regency one. I will be attending a regency picnic in a couple of weeks, and since I don't really like some of my older regency dresses anymore (I am hoping to sell some of them), I thought it high time to whip up a new dress. As a plus, it will put me down one for the Jane Austen Festival next year.

I am going from a regency painting that I found online somewhere. It is a very early regency dress and looks quite full and very Grecian inspired. Tonight, I whipped up a draft pattern and cut out a mock up. A bit of sewing later, and I have made the necessary adjustments to the pattern.

In the morning, I am planning to cut out my fabric and get cracking on making my new dress. I am going to use the muslin that I purchased for my Egyptian costume last month (it didn't work how I planned) so that it is lovely and light but still vastly full. I am planning on building in a petticoat as well so that it is not so sheer. I will see how far the muslin goes, but I might end up cutting into my white voile for this part. I am hoping that I can get it done in a couple of days and maybe have time to pull whip up a new bonnet as well. Here's hoping.

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