Sunday, September 12, 2010

ACG Annual Regency Picnic

Today, I attended a regency picnic with the Australian Costumers Guild. Now, I don't normally attend ACG events in Brisbane, but as a bit of a regency fanatic, I decided it would be nice to go along. In fact I made a new gown for it which I alluded to in my recent posts. This is said gown, and the painting that I was going from. Noted that I did add a bonnet to the ensemble so that it would be suitable for outdoor wear.

And as you can see, I decided to go with the orange silk since orange is my favourite colour and I keep finding myself drawn to it. I promise though, I will make a sash and bonnet in another colour to wear with the dress at some point. I really like the idea of having a base white gown and dressing it up with other colour accessories for a completely different look. The gown is made of white muslin and the bodice back, sides and sleeve are lined with cotton voile for a bit of strength. I think what drew me to the original painting was the fact that the dress is so full and billowy, which I tried my best to replicate. I think the only change that I need to make to be happy with it is a little gathering thread at the top of the shoulder to hold everything in place.

Anyway, onto the picnic. It was a lovely affair held at the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens. It turned out to be a sunny but lovely spring day (so happy that the heat stayed away). I managed to get myself a little sunburt but it was lovely just being able to sit and chat with friends, while indulging in our love of regency fashion and picnics.


  1. I LOVE your new gown and hat! The perfect choice for a picnic dress. :)

  2. Thank-you. I was loving that for once the sleeves are actually loose. I normally make them way too tight and then bug me all day. I was so comfortable.

  3. Thank-you. I was just so happy that it actually turned out like the painting.