Friday, October 1, 2010

And now for something completely different...

So, next project. I should have been working on it all week, but I just have not had the motivation. Inspiration yes, motivation - er no. Procrastination seems to be the order of the week. Though I have been a little stressed with some work issues of late, so it is no wonder the by the time I get home all I want to do is relax, watch TV and play computer games.

Anyhow, this weekend (Sunday to be precise) I am attending a Victorian Spa Day. I will post the photos and what not after the event, but at this stage I am focusing on trying to get my day bodice for my Gold and Orange Natural Form gown ready. As it currently stands, the bodice is put together with the sleeves on. I had tried to do some sleeve trim, but that was a complete failure, it just didn't suit the style. I made a trip up to Lincraft this week during lunch and picked up some buttons and some white velvet ribbon. The first step is obviously to do some button holes and attach the buttons. I am then thinking that a slight amount of velvet ribbon with bows for the cuff and maybe some of the leftover trim as well, but only if I have enough. I am also intending to put together a white cotton jabot to be pinned at the neck for a bit of froof.

I will also be trying to find some time to whip up a hat of some sort. My first attempt was a complete failure. The style just looked terrible and I was really unhappy with how it turned out. So I binned the poor thing. It probably didn't help that I had attacked it with the hot glue gun. I do however, have another straw hat stashed away that I am considering using. It is a different base with a much flatter crown. But if this doesn't work, I will be just going with the hairstyling and some combs. I have actually seen this work quite well for fashion plates of the time. Just need to get onto it all. Good thing that I have all of Saturday to dedicate to this process.

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