Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adelaide 2010 Day 3

And that brings me to my last day in Adelaide. (I say last day because I really can't count Monday where we caught a 6am flight home). We woke up a little late after our fun-filled ball night but were ready to hit the Vintage Fashion Fair. Abi popped over in the morning and we headed out to a little cafe up the street for a touch of breakfast, though it may as well have been lunch by the time we got away. A quick taxi trip away and we arrived that the fair. Where they had on display some of the most beautiful historical gowns it has been my pleasure to see. And of course as a costumer and re-enactor I took as many detail shots as I could get. They are of course wedding gowns, which was the theme of the display for the fair this time. Apparently they have different things on show each time.
After drooling over the dresses, we started our wander around the stalls gasping over the vintage goodies. I picked up a lovely Bakelite 1920s belt clip, a vintage half slip, a 1950s nightgown and a 1937 home journal. Unfortunately vintage has come back into fashion at the moment so things can be a little pricey. Well worth it though if you can find a bargain. We rounded off the afternoon with some chatting over hot chocolate, before we made our way back to the hotel by bus for Thai takeaway dinner. It was great to spend some time just chatting and catching up over dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even if my feet were killing me from the heels I decided to wear all weekend.
I was just over the moon to make it down not only for the ball but to check out the local fabric shops and vintage fair and spend time with those friends that I don't get to see so often (you know who you are). I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am hoping that I can make it on down next year as well. Not sure what costumes I will be wearing though.

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