Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Because I am a little lazy....

And I am ready for the medieval fair. It's a week away yet, but at least I can now say that I am ready to go, and more importantly get on with my next project. Finishing off my 14th century outfit was a matter of handsewing. Hems, open seams, handsewn eyelets and sleeve linings. The last thing I did was attach the sleeves. I am rather pleased with how it turned out. And because the seams are open, when I move, the skirt swishes and shows the red kirtle underneath. And since I will actually be dancing at the medieval fair with Kaleidoscope, my skirt is going to be swishing quite a bit.

I think I am just relieved that I am ready for it in advance. I finished it late on Friday night. Phew.

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