Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ACG Ball 2010

I have bought a ball ticket. In particular, I will be attending the Australian Costumers Guild ball in Adelaide in late August. My cousin suggested this to me recently, and I thought that it would make a lovely costuming trip. I know I am not a member of the ACG and don't really intend to join back up but I am quite willing to go along to a couple of things, just so that I can dress up. My cousin and I got into the ACG together and one thing that I have missed lately is getting dressed up together, so what better opportunity than the ball where we get to catch up with friends from other states as well.

As to what costume I will be wearing, that is a whole other story. And debate. I don't really have the time to make anything new, so I will be re-wearing something. I have come down to a few choices:
- White Queen from Alice in Wonderland
- American McGee Alice
- Padme (Packing Gown)
- Victorian bustle (the ballgown I am making for July)

I just can't decide....

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