Friday, July 9, 2010

Cupcake Kitchen Tea

Sunday saw me heading on out to Ipswich for a Kitchen Tea. It was in honour of a friend's wedding (coming up this weekend), so the theme of the day was love and romance, and we each had to bring along a small batch of decorated cupcakes. Mine were a chocolate sponge with chocolate icing, topped with pink iced love heart cookies and sprinkles. And since I was making the cookies, I also pulled out the teapot cookie cutter for the rest of the batch. And then there were the macarons. You may know that I have been dabbling with a few different macaron recipes. Sometimes the fail utterly, and other times they work out rather well. The first batch I made were strawberry. They were a little disappointing as they turned golden instead of staying pink but they did taste rather nice. The other batch I whipped up were my pistachio ones, and I have to say that they are the best batch I have ever made. The were all round, rose correctly and only 4 halves out of the whole batch cracked on top. I was so proud of myself. (And they tasted good too).

Everyone brought along their pretty cupcakes (hence the mass amounts of cupcake photos) and some regular eating food. Some were just too pretty to eat, but I think that we all went home with a sugar overdose. And of course there Elle brought along some shaped chocolates, because it would not be a pre-wedding party without something obscene. We did play one game though, in the we made our bride-to-be a wedding gown out of toilet paper. Now it is really a bad idea when you put a bunch of costumers in a room and tell them to make something to wear. In the end though, it ended up being the four of us costumers dressing her, while everyone sat back and watched. She had a homage to Japan with large bell sleeves, beautiful TP roses on her bodice and her dress came complete with a bustle and a matching veil.

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