Monday, July 26, 2010

Vintage goodies

During my lunch time today, I made my way over to David Jones, so that I could pick up a couple pairs of stockings (I recently butchered a pair of mine while wearing them). I drooled over the very expensive but no less gorgeous hats. But, I did get some of the most amazing vintage dress up items.

Seamed stockings. In both black and flesh toned. They are Leona Edmiston, so not cheap, but when have fancy stockings ever been cheap? I intend to save them for special vintage outings and not my regular trips to work. Which reminds me, I must get myself a new garter belt. The stupid one that I have now is too big and slides down off my waist onto my hips, making my stockings slide down my legs. Not comfortable in the slightest.

And the other are leather driving gloves. Something that I have been obsessed with for quite a long time and have hunted around for. I could have bought online in the past but it is nice to be able to try the gloves on to make sure that they fit. I got a pair of full gloves in black and the fingerless ones in pink and purple. I now have a full contingent of driving gloves. Now I just need the car to match the gloves. :P They are by dents And for those out there looking for vintage inspired new gloves, this would be the place to go.

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