Thursday, July 22, 2010


And my ballgown is now done as well. Phew! I am so happy that I have managed to get it done with a couple of days to spare. Really, the only things that I have been doing this week is hand sewing on trims. Lots of trims. But I can now relax as I am ready for the ball on Saturday night. When I promise I will be taking photos.

So last night, after I was done, I got stuck into my sewing room and started cleaning up. It's a bit of a slow process but it is already starting to look good after months of piles of patterns and fabric laying around on the bed and floor (yes, it is our spare bedroom as well). I will have a few more hours of clean up in there to get it to point where I am happy it is clean, but at least now, it is organised and I know where I can find stuff without having to hunt high and low.

On the other hand, I had thought that this ballgown would sign the last of my projects for while, but alas, no such luck. I have suddenly been inundated with invitations to events in August that I am desperate to go to. We are talking, Ancients, Bustle and Vintage. It's a good thing that I don't have to make anything new for the ACG ball at the end of the month. But more on all that later. For the moment I am just enjoying a sense of accomplishment at having my ballgown ready to go.

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