Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heritage Ball

I thought that I had better get around to posting photos of my Victorian ballgowns sooner rather than later, as I have really been harping on about it all lately. I managed to finish everything in time, even finding the time on Saturday morning to whip up a new pair of Natural Form drawers. You will have to take my word on the fact that they are made and are rather pretty, as they are open crutch, there was no way on earth that I would be taking a photo of me wearing them. They do have lovely knee bands on the bottom with lace. I am very pleased with them. Maybe a photo will follow next time.

But onto the evening itself. It started off with me setting and putting up my mum's hair. I am so unbelievably pleased with how her hairdo turned out. (She is the one in pink and maroon) In fact I was a little jealous as it turned out better than my own hair. I added in our pretty little hairpieces with flowers and feathers on them. Dressing took quite some time, especially my own with all it's pinned-on decorative trims and layers. The ball was lovely too, not too many stuff-ups in the dances, some lovely suppers (I took along macarons and fruit cake) and a very late night. I was pooped by the time I got home. And more than ready to pull all the pins out of my hair.

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