Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ancient times...

So, the next event that I am planning to attend is a Roman feast. And of course it is held by a bunch of re-enactors, so our costumes must be historically accurate.

After research upon research, I have decided to do an Ancient Egyptian costume. Idiot that I am, I purchased several metres of muslin thinking that I could just wrap myself up in it and call that an outfit. No such luck. The effect was terrible and really didn't work on me. So instead, I am going to go for the very simple tunic - which is a piece of fabric twice my height with a hole in the middle for my head and a belt to tie it up. Real technical stuff, but is probably the best and most flattering Egyptian costume I am going to have.

I probably could go with a Greek or Roman costume, but I have always adored the idea of an Egyptian wig and am vastly drawn to the makeup as well. So after a trip to Lincraft at lunchtime (again), I picked up some white linen for my robe. It has a bit of stretch to it, but it is the best I could do and lets face it, it look like regular linen. Tonight I am planning to do the hemming on the fabric for my tunic, and start the wig.

For the wig, I will basically be sewing together a couple of black wigs that I own so that I have a super full wig. I am not going for the regular braids look, but instead I am intending to crimp the hair to the shoulders and then dreadlock the ends. Cross fingers that the crimping works, because I will be using synthetic wig hair. It may come back to me doing the braids.

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