Monday, April 6, 2009

Supanova Sunday - Padme

And then there was Sunday. It was actually a lot easier trying to shop on Sunday than attempting the herd on Saturday. Much less people there, so I managed to get a decent look at everything left and picked up the few things that I was actually after; a couple comics, figurines etc. Oh and slurm. Yes they were selling slurm. I don't have the heart to drink the stuff, but if I do, I feel like there should be a costume involved and lots of photos. At the moment it is sitting on my shelf just looking good.

I actually spent most of the day catching up with Abi, who looked amazing in her Classic Silk Specter costume. It's the sort of costume that one day I might like to do (once I tone up enough). I even managed to catch the cosplay in the afternoon as well. But, as for me, I was wearing my new and improved Packing Padme (from Star Wars Episode 2). So, once again I was covered from neck to wrist to toe and corseted this time too. But I am really happy with how it looked, and so pleased with my embroidery. I had so much fun being Padme and being recognised by all the Star Wars enthusiasts. At this point I am determined to dress as Padme again next year. Of course, it will be a different outfit. The hardest thing, will be to decide which one to do next, there are just so many beautiful gowns. Though, my Dad keeps insisting that I must wear my Packing Padme again. I guess that I really impressed him. Maybe I just need a Star Wars convention to go to.

But overall, I had an absolute blast this weekend. This was only my second Supanova, but it was my best. I am so looking forward to next year, and it is always great to be able to do something different each time. I mean, I really do like to re-wear my costumes, but there are just so many that I want to do.

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