Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heritage Dancing April

Last night, Kerry and I went dancing at the heritage dancers monthly bush dance. Now when you hear the words bush dance, you immediately picture the kind of dancing that we are all taught in highschool. But this kind of dancing is heritage. Very pretty. I had a great time. Kerry and I both dressed in Vintage, which made us feel pretty and special. Plus bonus that we got heaps of complements on our dresses. I dug out my 1960s dress because it is fun to twirl in.

Though, the best thing about going to the monthly dances is that when it comes time for the ball in July, we will not be completely inept when it comes time to dancing. It was a really great workout, and I have been feeling a bit stiff today. But I totally plan to go next time. And I am thinking that I will take my dad along too. He loves to dance.

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