Sunday, April 12, 2009

1907 Afternoon Gown - Part 3

I am trying to drum up a bit more motivation for doing my 1907 afternoon gown. I am not really succeeding, but I am trying. I now have the petticoat done (photos). And the blouse just needs buttons and some lace to be sewn on. As for the jumperskirt, I have it cut out and I have started to put it together but I really need to make a trip out to spotlight. I want to bind the skirt and bodice with white velvet ribbon, but I just don't have any that is wide enough on hand. At least I really do not have that much more to do now. Hopefully my next project will inspire me a bit more...

I am pleased with how my petticoat has turned out. For a start my drafting of the pattern actually worked. It fits me rather well. It was good to have a bit of a trial run of how the patterns from my book turn out; and I am glad that they work. It means that I can have a bit more faith the next time that I want to put one of them to use.

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