Thursday, April 30, 2009

1840s corded petticoat

And voila, I am making progress on my next project. Originally I was going to be doing steampunk next, but as I am not going to the event, I am putting that project on hold. It will get made later in the year, but I would rather put my time into all my projects for July. But the purpose of this post is to say that I have finally finished another part.

This is my corded petticoat to be worn under 1840s dresses. It has taken a damn long time to finish but now that I am done, I am glad that I persevered. I started out with two 90cm widths of fabric that are both 1.5 metres long. I then stitched them at the side seams and left a placket at the top of one. And then the cording began. I actually folded some into the hem when I did that to begin with, so that it would match the rest of the petticoat. There are a total of 42 rows. And each one is formed by using a zipper foot and sewing a pintuck with a piece of cord inside. Originally I was going to use cording, but at 90c (or more) per metre, it gets very expensive for basically 80 metres of the stuff. So instead, I found a thick wool. It cost me about $7 for around 50 metres; so it is much cheaper and it has actually worked out really well. It think it really holding out a pretty decent shape and will create a great base for my dress. Especially once I get the flounced petticoat and plain petticoat over the top. Now, I can move onto the next step of my projects. But just so that you can actually understand where I am coming from, the list of things that I need done for July are:

11th - Newstead House Garden Party
1840s Maid Dress for Me - to make 3 flounce petticoat, plain petticoat, dress, apron, cap.
1849 Day Dress for my Mum - to make dress, bonnet, reticule
1850s suit for my Dad - to make vest, trousers, jacket
I've also got to draw up the patterns for these yet. But thankfully I have already made a head start and have most of the undergarments taken care of.

12th - Abbey Medieval Fair
I have to make my gown, chemise and hooded cape. The gown and cape are cut out, so I plan to actually start these this weekend.

25th / 26th - History Alive
1830s day gown - thankfully just me at this one, and all I have to do is sew my dress together. (If I go a second day, I will definitely be re-wearing something)

25th - Heritage Ball
1880s bustle ball gown for me - Also needs a pattern, but I have all the undergarments bar one petticoat done, and it is cut out.
1840s ball gown for Mum - Yet another pattern to be drawn up. Thankfully though, she will be wearing the same undergarments as for the day gown.
1850s evening suit for Dad - The only difference to his day suit is that there will be a different jacket and vest.

So with those four events looming up on me, I really do need to get stuck into my sewing. Thankfully I have all of May and June free to make my new costumes. And the best thing about dressing mum and dad is that once I have these ones done for them, they can be worn again and again without too much drama. Other than the fact that I will be making regency clothing for them to come to the ball in September, but at least they go together pretty quickly. Though looking at that list, perhaps I should head back to my sewing machine...

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