Monday, April 20, 2009

Debbie's 1849 Dual petticoat

I managed to finish my mum's ruffled petticoat for her 1849 gown. Thankfully I only need to make her bum pad and then I am done with the undergarments. This has been sitting in my sewing room half done for quite some time, just taking up room so it is rather nice to get it out of there. It is actually two petticoats built into one. The are both sewn onto the drop yoke which is mid-hip height. The underneath layer is a single petticoat with two flounces and the top petticoat is a single layer with 3 flounces. Together with the plain top petticoat that is worn over this, they help give the perfect shape for her 1849 dress that I am making for the Newstead House Garden Party and her ballgown.

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