Monday, April 6, 2009

Supanova Saturday - Shinku

I think Friday night of supanova was my problem night. After the fiasco that was my pants drawstring snapping in several places, I have decided that I need to put some elastic in the waist for my next wear. But the rest of the weekend ran smoothly for me. I was so pleased with how my costumes turned out. I love the way my Mrs Lovett looked on Friday night and I even plan on using it for Halloween this year. Though I guess that will depend on what I end up doing for Halloween. It would be nice to have some black boots by then though.But back to Saturday. I took my brother in for the morning, and we spent a chunk of our hard earned cash. I picked up some iron-on patches for my next attempt at a Battlestar Galactica costume, and a singing Gizmo (from the Gremlins Movies - Huge fan of those movies). And I got the cutest little strawberry cookie ring from One Day in Paradise. I dragged Nathan over to watch the cosplay chess around 12. It was actually pretty nifty, but half the time I felt like trying to yell instructions to the players who really weren't very good at playing.

As for my costume, I was dressed as Shinku from Rozen Maiden. It was rather warm in my outfit considering that I was covered from neck to wrist and toe (stupid humidity) but I was very happy with how it turned out. I ended up using both of my 1950s petticoats as well as the one that I made to go with the dress, just to get enough fullness in my skirts. It was enough poof to get them sitting out nicely. And it was really great to be so comfy and un-corseted for the day. I got recognised heaps too, which was kind of nice. And best of all I was the only Shinku there on Saturday. There were even a few people dressed as the other characters in Rozen Maiden. Who knows, I might attempt one of them next year. But the thing that you are really wanting are the photos...

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