Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday 23rd

I have been sorely lacked for sewing this weekend. We flew up to Mackay at 7am on Saturday for my Pop’s surprise 80th birthday party, and then back to Brisbane on Sunday morning. It was my dad’s birthday, so we went out for lunch, and then when I got home all I really wanted to do was have a nap. I did mange to get at my machine in the afternoon, but I really did not get much done, just a few seams. One of which I sewed wrong for the forth time. I am starting to get very annoyed. At least this time I got the right sides sewn out instead of in.

But I am really getting a bit anxious about my outfit for the International Women’s Day Walk. I mean, there is really not that much to do, it’s just doing it that poses the problem. I did mark out where my ruffles are to go on the ruffled petticoat last night, so I am aiming to get the ruffles sewn on tonight. And once I have the waistband sorted I can actually work out where I need to hem the skirt. I am also planning to take Wednesday off work this week, so I should be able to get quite a bit of work done then. I think I will feel much better once I start to get more fully ahead of my sewing. At least I am onto some of my projects for later in the year. As in, patterns traced off, fabric cut out, undergarments underway. In all honesty I will get everything done, and in the past the only time that I have been working on something at the last minute was for Christmas last year and that was just my bonnet and basket and I really could have had them done earlier; I was just procrastinating.

The only thing that I may not get done is my headpiece. I should be able to draw up a quick pattern in no time, (it really is just a frilly decorated triangle of fabric) but I am not sure if I have enough decorative trims to stick on it. Oh and I would really like the bag done, but I will have to see about that one too. I guess what it really comes down to is time permitting; and making sure that I am motivated enough after a full day of work. I can tell you now, sometimes it is not easy and all I want to do is curl up and watch tv.

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