Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crinoline Petticoats

My crinoline petticoats are done. And true to my word I got it all done last night. This is the first one, my ruffled petticoat. It has three 45cm ruffles sewn down the length of the petticoat.
Originally I was going to do the two petticoats on the one waistband, but it was just easier to do them separate and I know with my elliptical petticoats, it still works. Plus it really makes ironing the top petticoat a lot easier.
And as for my second petticoat, the plain one. It is basically three widths of my cotton fabric, but with all the starch added in, it gives a nice smooth shape rather easily. It also has some pretty little trim on the bottom and above that 3 rows of tucks. The main reason for the tucks is that i realised after I had the trim on that it would be too long to wear, so I added in the tucks. I was lucky that I had done this one first, and I just chopped a bit off the bottom of my ruffled petticoat.
I am rather pleased with the shape that they give and so very happy that they smooth everything out and you cannot see the black and blue crinoline under everything. On top of that they are a good length in that they will not touch the ground even when in flats. Now I just need to get stuck into the rest of my outfit.

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