Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday 20th

And so it comes to the weekend. I was hoping to get more done this week in the way of sewing, but certain circumstances have prevented me; and by this afternoon, all I have accomplished is a new slip for underneath my 1920s dress - the old one was made of voile and I accidentally ripped it. To be fair, I do need this for Saturday night, as we are flying up to Mackay this weekend to celebrate my pop’s 80th birthday, and I needed a dress.

I did manage to make a trip out to Spotlight at Morayfield yesterday afternoon, not that I got much. I still haven’t been able to get the silk that I needed for my Shinku costume, so I settled on some ribbon that should serve the purpose just as well. The main reason for our trip out was the $40 off in $100 spend. And as it turns out, my mum got her fabric for her regency outfit. We got some white batiste for her chemise, some pretty cotton at $4 / metre for her dress and some matching silk for her spencer. I am planning that her dress will be short sleeve for the ball and then she just need to wear her spencer over it to dress it down for the day outfit. At least a dress is a lot easier to make up than making all the components of a mens costume like last year. Dad can just re-wear his. If he is lucky, I will make up a new vest for him.

But I really do not expect any more progress this weekend. We fly out early tomorrow morning, and get back around lunch time on Sunday. Which just happens to be my dad’s birthday, so we are going out in the afternoon. He hasn’t decided where yet, but I’m sure he will make up his mind. Until next time folks…

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