Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday 16th

So the update on the sewing front so far, things are going okay; another project has cropped up and I am furiously working on that. The details: March 8 is International Women’s Day, and here in Brisbane a fun run / walk is being held around the south bank area. We are entering an Australian Costumers Guild team who will be wearing 1850s dress in honour of Queensland’s 150th birthday. What this means for me is that I need to get off my butt and actually make up my round crinoline dress.

Thankfully I have the crinoline itself finished, courtesy of Christmas holidays, but I need to get just about everything else done. I have picked my outfit and have the fabric that I intend to use, it is a pink check Indian cotton that I picked up at spotlight last year some time. I had always intended to use it for my round crinoline; I just did not expect that to happen quite so soon. Friday afternoon saw me over at spotlight trying to pick up the last of my supernova bits and pieces. Bad move, I bought no fabric but still managed to put a dent in my bank account buying trims and hat decorations. I mean, yes it is good that I got my flowers and feathers for my 1830s but I was very disappointed that I could not get any of my fabric eg. silk. I was also intending to pick up some lining fabric for my crinoline bodice, but thankfully I still had some at home. After that unsuccessful adventure, I spent my Saturday drawing up patterns for my outfit and cutting out the fabric (yes my supernova is now on hold until I get this one done). I work best with lists of all the components that I need for a costume so…

Drawers, Chemise, Corset (thank god I did this at Christmas)
Crinoline and bum pad (Tick)
Ruffled Petticoat
Plain Petticoat
Garibaldi Blouse (wearing the one that I already have)

I have made a good start on getting the petticoats sewn up. The plain outer petticoat just needs to be attached to its waistband and the ruffled petticoat needs the ruffles attached and sewn to a waistband. I have the sash completed and the skirt just needs to be sewn together, hemmed and attached to its temporary waistband.

In the future, and if I get time before the event, I will be making a pagoda bodice to attach the skirt to at the waist. This will turn it into more of a dress. I would also really like to get a reticule done and a hairpiece to match, but these will also depend on how I go with time. This weekend is out for me, as we are going up to Mackay for my Pop’s 80th birthday party, so I am really hoping to get stuck into some sewing during the week. I guess we will have to wait and see how that turns out.

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