Friday, February 13, 2009

Debbie's Victorian Corset - Dore

Mum's corset is done. Phew. I did actually have it finished yesterday so that I could give it to her for her birthday, but I was too tired to do another post last night.
So, details. I made the dore corset from Laughing Moon. Mainly because I liked how it turned out on me and figure that it would be good for mum as well. She is really pleased with it and was surprised that I was done and could give it to her. She is laced in pretty tight, and could actually go tighter with a smaller corset (as this one is lacing closed at the top) but I don't want her to be uncomfortable, and I think if I lace too much more in at the top she will start to bulge over at the back a bit. Though point of note if she looses any weight, I will be making her a new one. But at least that will mean that this one becomes superfluous and I can re-use the boning and busk.

At least now this means that I can make a start on getting some of her other bits and pieces made up. For a start I can do her petticoat yoke (already started on the skirts), and I can draft up her patterns for her ball gown and day gown. If only I had remembered to take her measurements while I had her all laced up. Oh well, I may just have to get her into again this weekend for some measuring.

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