Thursday, April 7, 2011

Supanova 2011 - Sunday

Supanova Day 3 - Sunday

It was another eventful day and fabulously exhausting day; while a heck of a lot cooler. I made it along to the Lolita panel for the morning, which was interesting. Some of the girls who proclaim to have been in the scene for a few years, I have never met. Odd, considering that I go to the big lolita meets that everyone goes to. But it was lovely enough. I guess the highlight of my day was having my photo taken with Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica for those non-scifi geeks out there). After the failure of my little camera on Saturday, I decided the smartest option would be to take along the big one. Too bad that I left the battery on the charger at home. Not so smart. At any rate, I had a great time, and have managed to get a copy of some photos.

My first costume of the day was my Sister of the Dark from Legend of the Seeker. It's one of those obscure shows that not many people have actually seen. At any rate, I love these costumes and I am so proud of how mine has tuned out. The only thing that I feel I need to change is the belt. It was a last minute thing because I couldn't get what I wanted and I already had this one in my costume box. At any rate, it turned out well. I was so please, I was even recognised.
I did actually change for the day as well. Slipped into a Lolita outfit for the afternoon. Oddly enough, I had more photos taken of me in this outfit than any of my other costumes. It could be the wig. Ever since I bought it, I have been desperate to wear my split wig, but haven't really had the occasion. I figured that Supanova would be the perfect opportunity. And yes, I did actually pick it because I knew that it would match my dress.
All in all, I had a fantastic weekend. I came home with some great new t-shirts, beautiful teal hair-dye and some super-cute little figures that have been installed on my desk at work. But I was so pleased to get home on Sunday afternoon, take off my wig and wash my hair. It's a little bit of a relief to be wigless at work today, no matter how much I like wearing them. Now, I just have to work out what I want to wear for Supanova in November. I am thinking that Disney would be great. (Looks like it might be time to clean up my diet and jump on the treadmill. A few thousand sit-ups and I might be able to do Princess Jasmine.)

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