Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JAFA 2011 - Opening Night

It has been a very long but very eventful weekend. After all the months of preparation and sewing madness, the Jane Austen Festival Australia 2011 had finally come around. I took two extra days off work to relax, iron and pack my suitcase. Of course, I actually broke the iron in the process, but I still got it all packed. Thursday morning, I was on my way to the airport, heading to our Nations Capital - Canberra.

The start to the costumed frenzy weekend saw us heading to the opening night event. We sat down to an evening of singing, an imitation I believe of a Regency drawing room after a country dinner. I wouldn't call quite a bit of the singing to my taste, but it was a lovely evening. I would like to get copies of some of the songs though. There were a couple of quirky songs that would be great to learn.
Our whole group was resplendent in regency attire. As for me, I took the opportunity to re-wear my purple evening gown.

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