Wednesday, April 20, 2011

JAFA 2011 - Friday Program

The dreaded workshop day. Donna and I were both presenting on Friday, and to be quite frank were rather nervous about it. Our presentations were originally prepared as a workshops where attendees would have a hands-on approach. This was changed and all the workshops became presentations. I believe we both struggled with how to present something that was very hands-on.

Donna's presentation was on making a chemisette using Patterns of Fashion by Janet Arnold. While I fully intend to make a chemisette one day, her presentation really encouraged me to put it closer up on my list of regency pieces to make. I think they are beautiful and am really looking forward to doing one with a really absurd mushroom pleated collar. She also made cord making look so simple that I could do it myself and my love of tassels was catered to when she showed us to she made her own. I am really proud of Donna and thought that her presentation went really well.
After lunch, it was my turn. Pattern Drafting. Again, I had originally envisioned this as a workshop where I would have about 12 people to sit down and each one would draft their own pattern. The idea behind my workshop being that I would be showing them how to adapt a Sense and Sensibility pattern into something unique. Instead, I had to muddle my way around showing my audience how I have changed the standard patterns to create my gowns (I was in fact wearing two of the garments at the time). I was so nervous and felt completely awkward, but I hope that the class took away some valuable information.

I rounded out the day with a class on feathers and how to make them look awesome. I tell you now, that I am going to have some amazing feathers on my hats and in my hair in the future. And then finally the session about Transitional Stays. I was amazed at the amount of research our presenter (the wonderful Wendy) had done. And she has completely inspired me to have a go at some of the different regency stays patterns that are available. Especially the very low cut one that would be perfect for under my v-neck gown.

As for costumes, we managed to find some time during the lunch break to do a bit of a photo session. I think we all managed to get some great shots of our costumes.
I was especially proud of how my ensemble for the day turned out. I had a rather sketchy fashion plate that I was going from. All I really knew was the gown was high-necked the open robe had a train and was low under the bust and the turban had feathers. From this, I pulled together an outfit. The gown is my replica of a sketch from Costume in Detail and the open robe is loosely based on the one from Patterns of Fashion. Overall though, I am immensely pleased with how it turned out. The only part I was tossing up in the morning was the colour of my turban. In the end I decided to go with white as it would provide a really great contrast to my hair. I have to say though, this is now my favourite regency day ensemble. I am even contemplating making up another open robe for a change of scenery. Who knows, maybe next year when I might have some available sewing time. I'm looking at my to do list and it seems to be rather endless.

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