Friday, April 1, 2011

Key to what?

I'm not 100% sure if I mentioned this one earlier, but I have been in the process of putting together a cohesive steampunk outfit. And there is a deadline - I am intending to wear this on the Saturday afternoon of supanova (only 1 week away now!). In my original plannings, I really wanted to do something with keys. Antique keys in particular. I thank my cousin for coming up with the character for me. She is the key keeper of Bethlehem Hospital (or Bedlam as it had come to be known).

Let's get down to the breakdown. I am using a couple of pieces that I already have in my costume cupboard. The main carryovers are the underskirt (from an early bustle ballgown), my bustle frame and Victorian undergarments (drawers, corset, stockings, boots), and the bodice (from my packing padme costume. It has made this costume really fast to piece together, because I already had so much of the costume complete. The only part that I have really had to make is the overskirt and to decorate the hat. Everything else is just some simple trimmings. 

I have been on a bit of a key hunt, tracking down keys all over the place (etsy, jewelery shops, ebay). I want to be the sort of key keeper that has keys all over me. So far so good. I have keys sewn to the overskirt, a key ring for the back of the waist chaing, a key ring for the waist, keys on my hat, a key brooch for the bodice and keys for my boot laces. The thing I think I am missing is a cuff - one where I can keep more keys and pull them out on demand. (I am contemplating making this at a later stage). For now, I am pleased with how this has come together, but you will just have to wait for photos tomorros of how it all looks put together. I am actually rather excited about wearing it all.

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