Wednesday, April 20, 2011

JAFA 2011 - Country Dinner

After our day of fashion sessions, we raced home for a quick shower and a change of costume, before heading back to the hall for our country dinner. The food was well cooked, but sadly lacking in vegetable quantity to be to my taste. We followed dinner with a quick performance of Pride and Prejudice in 10 Minutes. It was complete with lines like "no time for that" and cross dressing, put on by a cast of four. I think we all found it uproariously funny. We rounded out the evening with dessert, some light dancing and of course a bit of gossip.
The gown I decided to wear was my ballgown from last year with a slight revamp on the bodice and hem - a smidge of silk ribbon embroidery. Looking at the photos I find that I don't mind the gown even though in the past I have found it to be slightly "meh". I think it probably helps that I now have stays that actually fit me well. It really does help out the shape of the gown. Too bad that I didn't get any full shots of my outfit. Maybe someone else did...

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