Wednesday, July 2, 2008

1836 Ball Gown Part 2 - Undergarments

I have finished the bulk of my undergarments. YAY. And believe me when I say I have been busy. I am using my Victorian corset, so at least that was already made up and not a problem. But the first piece that goes on Polly is the bum roll. It is only supposed to be small and it is, to fill in the space above my butt.
The next piece that goes on is the quilted petticoat. In the second one you can actually see that side on, the back is lifted a little, so that it will not sit against me. It is also fabulous for holding out my outer petticoats and skirts so that they do not get tangled around my legs when I dance. I stayed up late last Friday night so that it would be done for me to practice in the dance lesson last weekend. And I was so happy with it. I used a really thick quilting, so it was a lot of work to quilt it, but I was successful.

The next layer is the petticoat. It is basically three petticoats on one waistband. I did it, so that I could reduce the bulk at the waist as much as possible. The bottom one is two flounce. The middle one is four flounce and the top one is just plain so that it is all smoothed out under my skirt. And they are all starched so that it gives a good amount of stiffness.
My mum was a bit worried when she saw my quilted petticoat fabric that it would be too bright underneath, but it really is not a problem as you can see in the photos. I was going to make a corded petticoat, but now I really do not see the need for it. I have the correct bell shape that I am happy with.

Though, I may make it when next I have free time and use if as a base for an 1840s dress. But I will do that when it comes to it. At this stage, I am ready to go. Now I just have to make the pockets, and all my undergarments are ready.

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