Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1836 Ball Gown - Part 1

So, I was chatting to Rebecca on the weekend (our lovely shopping expedition). And we were saying how for the colonial ball next year we were thinking of doing maybe 1830 – 40 gowns. Well, as a change of plans, I am going to do my 1836 gown this year instead. After our one dance lesson, I was a bit dissatisfied with my ensemble. The elliptical cage tends to swing around at the back when I move; mostly because all the bulk is pivoting from my butt. I am glad that I have made the cage, and I do intend to make a day gown for it. But for the ball I am going to do 30s. I have picked the style dress that I want and am getting prepared to make it. At least this way I will have enough fabric to make the bodice out of my fabric as well. I was worried that I did not buy enough at the time and was going to squeeze it out, but I should be good with the earlier style.

Of course, this means a whole new set of petticoats, but the way I figure is that if the worst comes to worst, I can always combine some of the petticoats that I already own. Like my cancan one and the ones that go under my Edwardian as well. As long as I get enough bulk. I made a lunch time trip up to Lincraft today and picked up some of my supplies. I am hoping that I can have at least one petticoat done for the dance rehearsal this weekend. But as it goes, I will be making quite a few. I have the fabric for a quilted petticoat, the top white petticoat and a two flounce petticoat. But I do intend to get a four flounce one put together as well as a corded petticoat. I also picked up some fabric for a bumpad to fill in the small of my back and kick the skirts out a bit more. And I intend to use some of my left-overs to make up a set of pockets to wear under my dress. That way, I will not have to make a little bag to carry as well. I guess it really is a goo thing that I have not yet cut my fabric. It also helps that I have next week off work to get it all done. Not to mention finishing my medieval.

I have never been so far behind in my sewing. Normally I am just putting the finishing touches on in the few weeks before. I am really looking forward to getting them all done on my week off. I also managed to pick up some fake hair to make some hairpieces for the ball. And today, I stopped by starkles and got some pearl tipped pins. At this stage I have it all planned out, I just need to get it all done. I think I am going to be a bit of a busy little beaver. Staying up late, keeping my family awake with my sewing to all hours and drinking way too much caffeine. Hmmm, here's hoping.

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