Monday, July 21, 2008

July Planning

Whew. It was really nice to finally have a costume stress free weekend. With the ball gone, all I had to do was wash the bits and pieces. Thankfully, the only things that needed washing were my drawers, chemise and stockings. My petticoats, dress and corset got a good airing and it is now all put away. So I figure, time to focus on getting some other things done.
I spent all of Saturday cutting out fabric so that I would have a few bits and pieces ready to be made up. I have been buying fabric for a while, but with the ball gown running late, I didn't have time to do anything with it all. It was actually nice to think about getting some other things done. For a start, I have been wanting some new Lolita dresses, and some Vintage dresses, and maybe a few pairs of pants for work. Though, when I start planning out all the costumes remaining for the year, the list starts to look a bit bigger than I intended. At least I can try to make an early start on some things.
19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day (all I really need to make are new pants and they are now cut out ready to be made up).
28th Regency (quite a bit to do; Chemise, Corset, dress, pelisse, bonnet. The chemise is cut out now and I have done the corset mock up. The size looks right, I just need to make it now. But I have to say that it was a lot harder than I thought. The instructions are like trying to read of foreign language. And I am glad I have had the practice now at inserting the gussets.)

Well, that is the list for September. I am not even going to look at the rest of the year for now. It can wait until I am up to date on the few pressing things. At least the only thing I have booked in for August is a Vintage Fashion Fair on the 2nd, and I already have vintage dresses that I wear to work every week that I can use. Thankfully the rest of July is also free, so I am hoping to get it all done early this time. And not be slaving my weeknights away while I try desperately to finish for the next event.

Hmmm, I will have to see how that turns out.

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  1. Working on my hat at the moment! What Chemise pattern are you using?