Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gored Skirt Pattern Construction

I was cleaning up my room the other day, and stumbled across one of my old pattern instructions from my TAFE years. So I thought I would be a helpful little person and put it up on my blog.

Construction 8 – 10 Gored Skirt Pattern

Required Measurements:
WAIST = Waist + ease (Divided by twice the amount of gores
HIP= Hip + ease (Divided by twice the amount of gores)
HIP DEPTH = waist to hip measurement

Example of measurements:
WAIST = (65+2) / 16 = 4.187
HIP = (90+2) / 16 = 5.937
Hip Depth = 20
Length of skirt = desired

Construction method:
1. Fold paper in half
2. Square a horizontal line from the fold to create waist level.
3. Measure down from waist level the hip depth and skirt length.
4. Square across at these levels.
5. Measure across at waist the calculated amount and curve up at end 0.5cm.
6. Measure across at hip level the calculated hip amount.
7. Rule from the 0.5cm point though the hip level to the hem. (This is the seam line). To create a flared skirt, rule outwards from the hip at an angle.
8. Measure the length of the skirt on the folded edge. Transfer this measurement onto the other side seam.
9. Curve the hem level from the point just marked to the folded edge at hem level. 10. Add SEAM and HEM allowance to the waistline, seam line, and hem.
11. Open fold, and you have your pattern piece. Cut the required amount of gores from fabric.

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