Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Abbey Medieval Fair

And after a late night on Saturday, I woke up Sunday morning, ready to head out to the Abbey Medieval Festival. Thankfully the sun stayed out for us, and it only started spitting after we had left for the day. The markets were neat, but smaller than last year, so I really didn't get anything. But the shows and event happening around the place were very neat. I got some really fabulous photos of the Romany Gypsy Dancers (really want to do a costume like that one year) and a few photos of some of the other great costumes around the place. Unfortunately I did not managed to get any shots of any of our guild, so I will have to get a copy of some of the others' photos. And even though something made me feel a little off, I still had a great time. I cannot wait until next year when I intend to go to the mask ball as well as on the Sunday. But onto the photos…

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