Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It has been a while since I posted, but I have been busy getting ready for this weekend. Gee, it really sounds close when I put it like that. Especially considering that it is now Tuesday afternoon.

I managed to get to Gencon on Sunday, I don’t really have much to report about it. I had a great time and I got to wear my American McGee Alice costume again. Apart from that, in my opinion the stores were much better than Supernova. And the convention centre is a much more appropriate venue. My brother and I are hoping that it will be back next year. He is even thinking of going with his Magic card deck.

On the sewing front, things are coming along. I finished my brother's medieval on Saturday, and best of all it still fits him. Apart from that, mine are coming along nicely. My medieval had a set back. I was making up my dress, it turned out to be a disaster and was too big for me, as well as not flattering. So instead, I am making up the one that I had intended to wear to the medieval ball if we went. The fabric cost me a total of $12. $2/ metre for 6 metres. So to update, what I have left to complete…

Add gathering tapes to sleeves.
Attach sleeves to bodice
Hem sleeves.
And if I get time, I may do some machine embroidery.

Attach skirt to waistband (I had some gathering issues last night and need to unpick a section).
Hand stitch waistband on inside of dress.
Put in eyelets and hand stitch over them so that they are not showing metal.
Trim hem (on mannequin) and bind.

I also need to add some ribbons onto my shoes (jiffies) just to pretty them up. But that should be a pretty quick process. Thankfully everything will be done on time. It is strange that I am finishing off so late, because I am normally finished at least the weekend before. But I do have tomorrow off on a Flex day, so I am planning to get it all done then. Some of the hand sewing I can do at night time, so that I am not really worried about, it is getting all the machine bits done. I hope I have no set backs tomorrow.

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