Friday, January 21, 2011

Slow going...

After more than a week of sickness, I am slowly starting to get better. Only now, my macbook laptop has decided to die. Talk about one thing after another. I had been using it pretty much straight all day and it had been fine, and then I closed the lid for a couple of hours, went to open it up and the screen is blank. It also decided to get searingly hot. And even with it the battery out and it on power only it is absurdly hot. Now I have to make the decision of getting a quote on what is wrong ($75) and then the repair cost or I can buy a new one (lighter for travel). I refuse to spend over a grand fixing a 3 year old computer when I can get a new one for not much more. *sigh*

At any rate, my sickness has bailed me up on getting any sewing done. I have made one decision though in regards to the apple green and white dress with the drapery. I mocked it up a couple weekends ago and I just couldn't get it right. To top it off, I wasn't happy with my interpretation and the fashion plate is so sketchy that it is difficult to tell what everything is doing. So I am going to scrap the idea and put the fabric away for another time and instead just wear my purple gown and diadem from last year (someone trod on the hem so I have to fix the tear).

This will actually give me a lot more time to work on getting my other JAFA dresses done and to work on my Supanova costumes a bit more. Speaking of which, I think a trip to Spotlight is in order for the weekend so that I can get the final pieces of fabric that I need.

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