Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Supanova Planning 2011

And a new year has begun. This one looks set to be full of costuming endeavours as well, and I am already booked up for quite a few things this year. But first things first, Supanova. I know it isn't until April, but I really have to get things underway if I want it all to go smoothly. We are talking three costumes.

Friday afternoon / night:
I have a few options. There is Mrs Lovett- by the sea, The White Queen (bodice fitting issues now) or Tia Dalma. I haven't decided which way I will go, but at any rate, it doesn't require me to do any further sewing. 

Again, I am pretty much set. My brother and I will be wearing our Stargate Offworld Uniforms. I have it all sorted apart from a couple of the patches and velcro backing (I was going to order them last week but the on-line shop was shut). And I have yet to sort out our weapons (P90s), and my zat needs painting. 

This is where I run into problems. I just cannot decide what I want to be. I have narrowed it down to a few options, but I am having trouble making the final decision. 

From Disney there is Snow White or Belle, 
 from Legend of the Seeker there is Khalan (one of three outfits) or a Sister of the Dark 
 from Alice in Wonderland there is Alice's Tiny Gown 
 and then there is Star Wars - Padme and Dorme in particular. In some ways I would like to have another hash at Packing Padme, but there are others that I would like to do as well; 
 and as a final option there is Lord of the Rings - Eowyns Funeral Gown.

And of course I will most likely be picking one of these for to make for the ACG Ball in August. Please help me decide!

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