Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super lazy

So, progress. Not quite so much. What have I been working on? - everything at once.

1. Full stays - complete but with no lacing. I have put in an order, so hopefully sometime this week.

2. Half stays - still doing the eyelets. By hand. Taking way too long. But once they are done, I just need to cut, shape and insert the boning and then bind the bottom. So not really that much to go.

3. 1795 White Gown - good news. It is almost complete. I only have to put on a couple hooks and eyes and hem it. I am hoping I can get this done this week. I foresee much handsewing at night. I am still not sure why I keep making gowns with drawstrings and top-stitching. I hate topstitching by hand and am really awful at getting it straight.

4. 1780s Green Georgian - skirt needs a hem, bodice needs buttons. I was going to the bodice on the weekend, but my mum is away at the moment (my grandad is in hospital) and I am unable to put my stays on by myself to work out where the buttons need to go. Again, I am hoping to do this one night this week.

5. 1795 Red open robe - I have dyed the fabric. That's it. I have yet to even draft up the pattern or mock it. Very frustrating. I am finding this a little daunting because I will most likely be draping the pattern; which I have never done before. I work better with drafting on paper and then mocking up and adjusting the paper. Motivation = 0.

6. 1823 Ballgown - I have actually started. The bodice is underway with my first row of handstitching. I have also started on the sleeves. I have done the bottom part of the sleeve where the puffing stitches onto. I'm actually really pleased with how it is turning out. I didn't make the piping, but it works just as well using the purchased stuff. Again, these sleeves are going to drive me bonkers with the amount of handsewing. I am going to have to stitch the gathered puff part on by hand - grrrr.

7. Cape - almost done. It is done, but I don't have a clasp for it, or any appropriate ribbon. I did order a piece of black velvet ribbon, so I am considering putting that on when it arrives. At least that way, it can't accidentally come undone.

*sigh* There is just so much to do, and I am really having a lot of trouble working up the motivation to do it. I am hoping the two days I have off next week will make me get stuck into it all. I have yet to start my last Supanova costume and I suspect that is going to require quite some time. On the plus side though, I made baci icecream yesterday - so good.

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