Monday, January 17, 2011

Time flies

I know it has been a long time since my last post, but wow have things been going on.

Last Tuesday I left work at mid-day to make the trip home before the floods hit Brisbane. We had heard a rumour that my train line would soon be out of action and we thought it best to make the trip home before it wasn't possible. The flood hit on Wednesday, shutting the city down for the rest of the week. We had been told to return to work today (Monday), and we did. Unfortunately the basement, carpark and food court under our building had been flooded due to backed up drains, so it was completely shut down. And while the power is on in our building, the air-con is not working. Doesn't make for a nice work experience when you can't crack a window either, and all this in the middle of summer. Stinking hot.

And while the flood hit Wednesday, I though to get in a whole heap of sewing. And while I did on Wednesday, I have since been hit with a chest infection that has had me on the couch for the last four days. I'm still feeling a bit like death warmed up, but it is going to go away. Eventually.

At any rate, the progress that I did make was a start. I put together a new pair of regency drawers, and I finished my regency short stays.
They do actually give me quite a good shape and a lot of lift. And unlike my first pair, they aren't too big for me. Again I used the simplicity pattern - making the size 12 instead of 14. They are three layers, the inner-most layer being a pretty pattern cotton that I had leftover from a long-ago project. I also made some progress on the gowns that I had cut out, but they are nowhere near complete. Here's hoping that I will be better by the weekend for some hard-core sewing time.

The relatives have finally gone home from their Christmas stay, so I have my sewing room back. That is at least a start.


  1. I literally just used this pattern for the toile for a project ( had to alter it quite a lot because I wanted a different kind of corset, but I was impressed at the shape over the bust. Yours looks lovely and neat, I love the liner as well.

  2. If I can manage it, I always use a printed lining. My favourite has to be my georigan stays - I used cupcake fabric on the lining.