Wednesday, June 16, 2010

14th Century #3

With History Alive now done and dusted, I don't have to worry about regency anymore. The next projects to gain my focus is the preparation for the Abbey medieval festival on July 11th. Originally I had every intention of using the gown that I had made last year, however I am unable to dance in it because of the skirts (massive train and very heavy). It would have taken too much re-modelling to justify fiddling with the current dress, so I decided to make a new one.

In specific, the costume consists of a deep red kirtle and a blue/green cotehardie. I am working on both at once, so that it should not take me too long, but it is things like eyelets that hold me up. Which brings me to yesterday. I did the eyelets on the sleeves of the kirtle. I had already done the placket and hem of the sleeve so it was just a matter of marking out where the eyelets are to got, backstitching the outline of the eyelet and then binding them. It really is quite simple, I just gouged the hole with my awl and then using a doubled-over length of DMC embroidery cotton in a matching colour, bound the edges. It only really takes time, anyone can do it, it is so simple. The annoying part is that there were 16 of the wretched things to do.

But now that they are done, I just need to get cracking on the rest of the gown. At some point I will need to buy leather thonging to lace them up, but I am not really worried about that right now.

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