Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Medieval Monk

It was a busy weekend. Friday night, saw me finish one of the four upcoming costumes that I am making. In specific this one is my brothers monk costume for him to wear to the Medieval fair in July. The last couple of years that we have gone, he has been wearing his Spanish inquisition costume (from Monty Python - I made it for a Halloween costume a few years ago). And while it is a great costume, he wanted something else and he asked me to make him a monk costume instead.

You may remember a post about a month ago when I was despairing over fabric dye. This is the result. Originally the fabric was bright yellow and only cost $1.99 / metre instead of $5.99. A couple of packets of dye later and we have the perfect brown. The fabric itself is a linen cotton blend, so it's breathable and comfortable to wear. The costume comprises of a hooded robe, a cape and a belt. It's very simple and really works on someone of his stature. (Mind the fact that I had it on my mannequin for photos). I am really pleased with how it turned out and can now cross one of my projects off my list. The next one I need to get cracking on is my own medieval gown. And I will make sure to get photos of him wearing this one when we go to the medieval fair. (Less than a month away now).

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