Thursday, July 2, 2009

Norm's 1850s suit - evening jacket

And baby makes three. Well, Daddy really.

In particular, his evening suit. It is now complete. Which makes it my third complete costume. I know it sounds like I am super busy and getting so much done in such a short time, but I have really been working on everything at once and now they are all coming to an end as I complete each piece. This time, it is the evening jacket and the cravat.

The cravat fabric colour is called 'smoke'. I was originally going to go with white but then I saw the silver / grey and I just couldn't resist. I really must thank Donna though for the introduction to Eastern Silk. I put in an order last week and got the smoke silk; along with some blue for an upcoming project and an orange colour called sherbert which I have big plans for a corset in the not too distant future.

Other than my sewing, I made a trip out to East Coast Fabrics and spotlight at Morrayfield this morning where I picked up a couple items that I will be needing to finish all my upcoming sewing. As well as some fabric for my new Lolita jacket that I plan to make in the not too distant future. I am hoping to actually get it made while it is still cold and not end up makeing it just in time for winter next year.

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