Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Debbie's 1849 Accessories

And I am now on holidays. Only for a few days, but still, better than nothing. And I do have a couple of days off next week as well. But the ultimate goal of this extra time is to actually complete all my sewing projects in readiness for my weekends full of July costuming. I think there are only two complete weekend days in the whole of July that I have nothing on. And one of those is only because the thing I was going to go to has been postponed.

But onto the real stuff.

I ventured over to the Vintage Fashion Fair again last weekend. (I am pretty sure that these run about 4 times per year). I was not as successful this time in my shopping. I got a few pairs of coloured vintage gloves for myself, but best of all I got some gloves for my dad. And only for $5. Bargain. I was a little disappointed, there were some beautiful clothing pieces there but rather lacking in the accessory department compared to what they usually have. Most of the hats ended up being very 1950s and covered in plastic flowers which is not really my thing. But that's okay I shall try again next time. And I stopped off at the markets afterwards to get some fresh fruit and veggies for the week. Weirdest moment though, I was asked by some girls with a camera for a photo. Now normally this would not be a strange thing when I am out, mainly because I am dressed in historical or Lolita. But this time I was just in my 1960's dress. Hmmm, I just felt so strange.

On the sewing front, things are progressing. My fingers are very tender from the amount of hand sewing I have been doing, but lets face it, it has to be done. The biggest news thought is that I am now totally complete on a second costume. This one is my mum's day set to be worn at Newstead House. I posted photos of her skirt and blouse a while back, but I have finally finished it all by completing her belt, bonnet and reticule. Very happy about this, but to be fair I have been procrastinating about them for a while. So photos...

The reticule is my pretty standard one that I generally end up making. But I really like the pattern and it works very well if you have two colours in the outfit. As for the belt, it is the same silk fabric (actually they all are so that they draw the colour through the outfit) and the buckle, I picked up on Ebay for about $6. But the bonnet has to be my pride and joy. I have said it before that I really love bonnets and hats, but I am so very proud of this one. It is also lined with the skirt fabric for a nice contrast, and has a cute little skirt at the back near the neck. I alo ended up makeing matching silk bias for around the bonnet. And for the decorations, I got stuck into it with my hot glue gun. The ribbon is just bunched up with a little hand sewing and glued in place and then the flowers are added. It's simple but I think that is what I like about it. I must remember this style for a future bonnet for myself.

And then there is everything else I have been working on. None of it is complete however, and I refuse to put up pictures of semi-finished garments, but lets just say that my medieval is almost done, mum's ballgown is awaiting hand sewing and my dad's evening suit is just needs some buttons and little more hand sewing. Needless to say I have rather a large pile of hand sewing sitting in my room awaiting my attention. So I better get back to it...

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