Monday, July 6, 2009

Norm's 1850s suit - frock coat

This time, it is my Dad's day suit completely finished. I already have the pants, shirt, vest etc done. It was just a matter of making up the frock coat for day wear. Like the pants, I used the Laughing Moon Frock Coat Pattern. There were some stages in making it that I became completely confused, but in the end it worked out well. It even has 4 hidden pockets - 2 in the chest lining and 2 in the tails lining at the back. Not sure how handy the back ones would be, but they are there and I thought it was worth putting them in. Lincraft drove me up the wall today though. I was buying the buttons for the jacket and I needed two different sizes 3/4" for the front and back and 1/2" for the sleeve cuffs. The hardest thing was finding two different size buttons that are the same pattern. And the fact that I needed 6 of each. Stupid shop sells out and does not replace their stock - most of them only had two buttons in each tube. But I prevailed and found some.

It's a huge relief that I have everything ready for this weekend coming. It's not like I was stressed that I would not be ready, but I did want to be done well in advance. It means that I only have a couple of projects left to do for the remainder of July; and I do have Thursday and Friday off work this week to get them done. Two of the remaining three are almost complete and the other one I have barely started. I see much sewing in my future. Oh and I am planning on taking many many photos at everything this weekend. So far, I think Abbey Medieval is still going ahead, but I guess I will have to wait and see. With rain predicated for the rest of the week, it might not go ahead. I shall be mightily annoyed if I don't get to wear my new dress.

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