Monday, July 27, 2009

History Alive in Regency

I thought that I would begin with the bulk of my very busy weekend; History Alive at Fort Lytton. This is basically a full weekend of costuming. I was there in Regency, and as we said through-out the weekend, it has to be one of the nicest periods to reenact. We were the gentry class, which basically translated to promenading, picnicing and sitting around all day reading poetry, playing games and being girly. I had a really great time, though I must remember to next time drink a lot more water so that I don't get headachey or dehydrated. But onto the photos - I have put both of them up together.

I actually wore two dresses for the weekend. The first on on Saturday is my new 1825 dress. It is very poofy and feminine, but I am not exactly sure that I really like how it looked on me. I was happy with it on my mannequin, but looking at the photos I am not sure that I will ever do this particluar style for myself again. Oh, and my huge bonnet was unwearable all day because the wind just kept on blowing it off my head. Very unfortunate and annoying. As for Sunday, I dug out my Regency dress and spencer from last year. Note to self though, I need to buy a new button as somewhere along the lines I managed to loose one.

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  1. Melissa,

    Regardless of what you wrote, I think you look lovely in your 30s gown and bonnet!

    The colour suits you too!