Friday, July 3, 2009

Medieval Gown

And another of my July projects is complete.

I know it sounds like I have been knocking all these up in a day each, but I have really been working on them all for quite some time and am just now determined to get them finished. Especially considering that I will start wearing them as of next weekend. This one is my medieval gown for Abbey on the 11th. Now please do not get the wrong idea; I am in no way a reinactor, especially when it comes to medieval. My idea is to get something that looks mostly correct but is flattering to me. And this one is actually based on my LJ user icon. The most accurate part is the fact that I used linen fabrics. Mainly because for a start I can get them relatively cheap, they are rather nice to wear and they look fantastic for this kind of garment.

There are three layers to my outift. The first one is a chemise which is basically a sack with sleeves that is gathered at the neck and wrist with ties. It is made of white cotton voile and you can just see it at the neckline of the outfit. The second layer is the main dress. It is made of brown linen and cotton (I ran out of the linen) and it has long flared sleeves that are decorated with the green trim. This doesn't actually have fastenings of any kind, it just slips on over my head. And the top layer is the hooded robe. It is sleeveless so that you can see the brown sleeves through, and of course hooded. It also laces up the front so that it is easy to slip on and tighten. For my hair I am planning to have long braids using a couple of the hairpieces that I own. I am really happy that it turned out quite nicely, but mostly I am just glad to be done with it. The amount of hand sewing was driving me up the wall and my poor fingers could really do with some moisturiser. My favourite part of wearing this dress though is the train. It is just so pretty following along behind me (not too fun though when people tred on it and strangle me!)

Tha's about all I can really say on this one. The next one that I need to work on for myself is my 1830s gown for History Alive. The bonnet is already done so I don't have to worry about that. And all the petticoats are the ones that I wore to the ball last year. The corset I will be wearing is only new this year (I made it over Christmas). I have already started on the dress and I did a mock up earlier in the year, so it should not take too long to finnish. Thankfully they are all coming along in time for me to wear them. I have to say that I am really getting excited about wearing them.

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