Sunday, December 7, 2008

Twilight Tea

Sorry these have taken so long to get up, but I have actually been working on our Queensland ACG DVD. If I haven't mentioned this, I borrowed my brother's macbook and have started working on a DVD which is made up of slideshows from the photos of all our costuming events etc. this year. I really didn't realise how many there were until I started listing them out, though I am happy with how it is coming along, though, I am thinking that when I do it up next year, I will start it early and then just add on to it after every event. At least that way, I will not be trying to get it all done in one hit and it will hopefully be easier and less time consuming.
But back to the reason for this post… Last weekend (Sunday to be exact) a bunch of us went down to a small town called Legume (just south of the Queensland border) for a Twilight Tea, hosted by a fellow that we met at a couple of the events we attended this year. We rolled up, (a bit late due to the way we went) dressed in our crinolines and were presented to the audience and interviewed about our outfits. But onto the photos that I managed to get. Granted there aren't that many, but I do like the ones that I got.


  1. I love the sepia effects you did to the photos - everyone looked really beautiful!
    Can I grab a couple of these? (crediting you, of course)

  2. Go ahead. I am also adding them into our Queensland ACG DVD, I will make sure that you get a copy too.